Trusted by quality. Progressed by knowledage. Sustained by commitment.

Who we are

It was March 2009 when we started our journey. Year by year we are reaching milestones but still has a far way to go. Consisted by a high trained sales and purchasing team with food or chemical background. Our mission is to be a one-stop for international customers who are seeking importing services and advice in China. We strive to help our customers to have a greater understanding of the Chinese manufacturing market so that they can get a good sense about where to source qualified products and where to find reliable suppliers.

What we do

Since opened in 2009, our focus has been in sweeteners, vitamins, amino acids, thickeners and other ingredients. It is always our aim to fulfill the demands of our customers in the best possible way. To supply high quality ingredients as well as smooth and efficient service is the thing we are always doing and improving. High quality ingredients can help us expand market share and establish a great reputation. We always ship a mixed container with a lot of ingredients or a container with only one or two ingredients.

How we do

We always choose our supplying partners very strictly and most of our suppliers are supplying for many multinational companies like Coca Cola, Unilever, Kraft and so on. We usually choose the top 2 for one product. For overseas markets, we have more than 50 partners in 29 countries and we are looking for more to work together, our principle is to choose 1-2 partners in 1 country, develop the local market together. We successfully helped some of them be the sole agent of the country for some of our suppliers.

What makes us different

Would you trust a supplier who’re the trading company but deliver the ingredients with their own label and COA?

Your office in China

We’re not only sell, but help customers buy. You may wonder why some company need a purchasing office or prefer to work with a trading company in China. Can’t they do business with manufacturers directly? The truth is, doing business with China manufacturers is always not easy. I’m not talking about how to find them, but how to deal with them. With 20 years experience in market, our talented people can help your business in China. 
So, instead of spending lots of time and energy on your purchasing, why not focus on your customers and market?

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