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Xanthan Gum

Product Description

CAS No. : 11138-66-2
Chemical Formula : C35H49O29
H.S.code : 130239
E No. : E415

Xanthan gum,cream white powder, E415, CAS no.11138-66-2, food thickener, biosynthetic rubber, mainly made of starch, manufacturing process through fermentation process using the microorganism Xanthomonas Campestrisis. Advantages than other gums: outstanding water solubility and high viscosity; unique pseudoplastic characteristics in rheology; excellent stability in temperature and PH value;a stable compatibility co-existing with acid, alkali, salt, enzymes and other thickeners; a significant synergistic nature with melon and bean gum, locust bean gum, and other plastic type complex. Function and uses: Xanthan gum is a high perfermance thickener as the viscosity of 1% is about 100 times stronger than 1% gelatin solution. Xanthan gum creates a pleasant texture in foods and beverages. As an ingredient in beverages, xanthan gum can produce an increase in the viscosity of a liquid. In foods like dressings and sauces, xanthan gum helps to prevent oil separation by stabilizing the emulsion. Xanthan gum as an ingredient in ice cream and other frozen foods, produces desired texture.

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  • Specification
  • Food grade Xanthan Gum 80mesh, 200mesh Specification

    Appearance white or cream-color and free-flowing powder
    Viscosity: 1% Xanthan Gum in 1% KCl Brookfield, LVTD,spindle 3.60rpm, 25 1200 – 1600 mpa.s
    Assay(on dry basis) 91.0 – 108.0%
    Loss on drying(105o­C, 2hr) 6.0 – 12.0%
    V1 : V2: 1.02 – 1.45
    Pyruvic Acid 1.5% min
    PH of 1% solution in water 6.0 – 8.0
    Heavy metals(as Pb) 20 mg/kg max
    Lead(Pb) 5 mg/kg max
    Arsenic(As) 2 mg/kg max
    Nitrogen 1.5% max
    Ash 13% max
    Particle size 80 mesh: 100% min, 200 mesh: 92% min
    Total plate count 2000/g max
    Yeasts and moulds 100/g max
    Pathogens germs absence
    S. aureus Negative
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa Negative
    Salmonella sp. Negative
    C. perfringens Negative
  • Benefit
  • Market and Price
  • As a professional Xanthan Gum supplier, we’re engaged in export and distribute Xanthan Gum for years.

    Price Trend of Xanthan Gum

    Raw Materials price: Prices of corn are stable.
    Market demand and supply : demand and supply is stable. Production capacity of the Xanthan Gum manufacturers didn’t change much.
    Market Forecast: Considering the current market trend, price of Xanthan Gum will be stable in the coming months.

  • MSDS, Halal, Kosher, Gluten free
  • Xanthan Gum MSDS

    Xanthan Gum gluten free

    Xanthan Gum is gluten free and widely used in gluten free food to provide gluten-like texture to bread, cake, biscuit, snacks and others.

    Halal Certified Xanthan Gum

    Xanthan Gum is a polysaccharide manufactured through fermentation from corn, wheat and various other crops. As a plant derived ingredients, Xanthan Gum is general recognized as halal.

    Kosher Certified Xanthan Gum

    Xanthan Gum is general recognized as Kosher classified as Parve.

  • Side Effect
  • Side Effect of Xanthan Gum

    Though Xanthan Gum is regarded as safe supplement, there maybe some side effects:

    • Bloating and Intestinal Gas from consuming large quantities
    • Nose and Throat Irritation if exposed to the powder for sustained periods
    • Lung Problems
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Difficulty Passing Stool
    • Headache
    • Stomach or Abdominal Pain
  • Application and Uses
  • Application and Uses of Xanthan Gum

    Xanthan gum is a gum manufactured through a biological fermentation process. Xanthan gum’s unique functional properties make it a very versatile stabilizer and thickening agent used in a variety of finished food products including salad dressings, sauces, and many others.

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