About Aspartame

What is Aspartame

Aspartame, artificial sweetener, E951, Cas number 22839-47-0, appearance powder granular, approved as a safe high intensitive sweetener by FDA and EFSA though many Aspartame studies show its side effects state it can cause cancer. It is a synthesised by aspartic acid/phenylalanine dipeptide. It is used as a sugar replacement as it can generate no calorie than sugar.

What foods contain aspartame 


beverage with aspartame

Aspartame is most commonly in low-calorie and sugar-free drinks. Substituting aspartame for sugar and corn syrup in beverages provides a sweet taste, without adding calories, making it an ideal diet drink additive. Look at the ingredients list to find whether your beverage contains aspartame. Aspartame can be found in diet sodas, teas, energy drinks, coffee flavorings, protein shakes, flavored milk, juices and other flavored beverages.


snack with aspartame

Aspartame is not heat stable, meaning it breaks down when heated to high temperatures. Thus, it is not as widely used in foods that require baking at high temperatures. Aspartame is used as a sugar alternative in low- or reduced-carbohydrate foods such as cereals, granola bars and protein bars. You may find snack foods like low-fat yogurt, pudding, gelatin and fruit cups will contain aspartame.


aspartame sweet

Desserts and candy that don’t require baking at a high temperature use aspartame as a sugar substitute. Check the ingredients list of items such as ice cream, frozen fruit pops, hard candy and chewing gum. Other sugar-free sweet foods like breath mints, syrups and jellies can contain aspartame.


condiments with aspartame

Some not-so-obvious foods and products contain aspartame. For example, condiments that typically contain sugar, such as ketchup, dressings, sauces and marinades, may use aspartame in their light or reduced-calorie versions. Aspartame can also be in some prescription and over-the-counter medications. The FDA requires that these medications include a statement that they contain phenylalanine.

Food products are constantly changing, and new products are on the grocery shelves every day. The surest way to assess any food or medication is to check the ingredients listing for aspartame.