Nicotinic Acid Wholesale Price, Price Trend of Nicotinic Acid

Price Trend of Nicotinic acid/Niacin

To have a good knowledge of Nicotinic acid/Niacin price trend, would help our distributor/agent/end user make the right decision to buy right now or wait for a moment.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid/Niacin, is a water soluble vitamin that is a vital component of the human diet. Like other water soluble vitamins, the body expresses excess niacin, meaning that a continuous supply needs to be consumed. Common sources of B3, along with other healthy vitamins and minerals, are meats, wheat germ, dairy products, and yeast. Under rare situations, a patient may need to take this vitamin as a supplement. Caution should be used when adding it to the diet, however, as an excess can be harmful. Vitamin B3 was discovered by chemists who were working with nicotine. When nicotine was oxidized, it produced nicotinic acid. As the chemists explored the properties of the substance, they realized that it had potential health applications. SinceNicotinic acid/Niacin is found in substances that do not contain nicotine, a new name was chosen to distinguish it from nicotine. Allegedly, niacin is a portmanteau of nicotinic acid vitamin. Further research showed that this vitamin played a crucial role in many biological functions, either in a pure form or in the form of chemicals derived from it.

Nicotinic Acid price depends on the raw materials price,Nicotinic acid/Niacin market supply and demand and other market items.

Recent Price Trend of Nicotinic acid/Niacin, May 2017

Raw Materials price: Prices of raw material the synthesized chemical ingredients are stable.
Market demand and supply : demand and supply is stable. Production capacity of the Nicotinic acid/Niacin manufacturers didn’t change much.
Market Forecast: Considering the current market trend, price of Nicotinic acid/Niacin will be stable in the coming months.

To make customers well understand the current market and the following market trend, we always update the market situation, the supply & demand and price monthly.

*All price information is based on updated sourcing price of Nicotinic Acid. We’ll make Nicotinic acid/Niacin price trend chart for our valued customers soon.

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