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maltitol powder

Product Description

CAS No. : 585-88-6
Chemical Formula : C12H24O11
H.S.code : 290549
E No. : E965

Maltitol, E965, Cas no.585-88-6, a sugar alcohol /polyol manufactured from maltose after hydrogenation. Maltitol is a transparent sweet viscous syrup obtained by the hydrogenation of maltose. It is an ideal food for patients suffering from diabetes. It is often used in ice cream as a sweetener and to prolong shelf life. Maltitol is used in the food and beverage industry as a low-calorie sweetener. Specifically, Maltitol is used in the production of candies, chocolate’s, frozen foods, ice creams, cold drinks, pastries, juice drinks, biscuits, and bread products. Maltitol Liquid is a sugar alcohol made from starch through hydrolysis and hydrogenation. It appears as a colorless and viscous liquid, and it easily dissolves in water. It has a moderate sweet flavor. Maltitol Liquid is often used in cheese products, dairy products, processed fruit, seasonings, etc. As a professional Maltitol supplier, we distribute Maltitol powder and Maltitol Liquid food/pharma grade.

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  • Specification
  • Maltitol food grade Specification

    Appearance White crystal
    Taste Typically sweet with no foreign taste
    Odour No foreign odours
    Assay 99%-101%
    Related products ≤1%
    Water content ≤0.5%
    Reducing sugar ≤0.1%
    Specific rotation +105.5°~ +108.5°
    Melting point 148℃–151℃
    Chloride ≤50 ppm
    Sulfate ≤100 ppm
    Lead ≤0.5 ppm
    Nickel ≤0.5 ppm
    Arsenic ≤0.5 ppm
    Heavy metals ≤10 ppm
    Sulfated ash ≤0.1%
    Conductivity ≤20us/cm
    Viable counts ≤20cfu/g
    Yeast ≤10cfu/g
    Moulds ≤10cfu/g
    Coliform organisms Negative in 25g
  • Benefit
  • Market and Price
  • As a professional Maltitol supplier, we’re engaged in export and distribute Maltitol for years.

    Price Trend of Maltitol

    Raw Materials price: Prices of raw material Maize starc are stable.
    Market demand and supply : demand and supply is stable. Production capacity of the Maltitol manufacturers didn’t change much.
    Market Forecast: Considering the current market trend, price of Maltitol will be stable in the coming months.

  • MSDS, Halal, Kosher, Gluten free
  • Maltitol MSDS

    Kosher Certified Maltitol

    Maltitol is a sugar alcohol manufactured through hydrogenation of maltose obtained from starch. As a low calorie food sweetener, Maltitol is general recognized as Kosher classified as Parve.

    Halal Certified Maltitol

    Maltitol is a sugar alcohol manufactured through hydrogenation of maltose obtained from starch. As a plant derived ingredients, Maltitol is general recognized as halal.
  • Side Effect
  • Side Effect of Maltitol

    Maltitol is generally considered a safe sweetener. Common side effects may:

    • Stomach and Abdominal Pain


  • Application and Uses
  • Application and Uses of Maltitol

    Maltitol can be used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Maltitol is a sugar alcohol (a polyol) used as a sugar substitute. Maltitol can be used as a sweetener, emulsifier, and stabilizer, in stuffings, biscuits, cakes, candies, chewing gums, jams, beverages, ice creams, daubed foods, and baking food.

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