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Menadione (Vitamin K3) CAS No. 58-27-5

Product Description

CAS No. : 58-27-5
Chemical Formula :
H.S.code : 293629
Other names : Vitamin K3

Menadione, other name Vitamin K3, CAS no.58-27-5, a fat-soluble vitamin manufactured through chemical synthesis, available as Yellowish crystalline powder. Menadione used as nutritional supplements. As a professional Menadione Vitamin K3 supplier, we distribute food feed grade Menadione nicotinamide bisulfite(MNB) 96%, 50%; food feed grade Menadione Sodium Bisulfite(MSB) 94%, 51%. Function: Vitamine K3-MSB synthesizes thrombase in animal’s liver, maintains the normal congealing time and supplement for animal growth. As a feed addivite, MSB is the important and essential nutriment substance for birds and beasts. Vitamine K3-MNB decreases the quantity of individual nicotinamide usage. Uses: in dog food, cat food and other animal foods as safe feed additives supplement. Also for pregnant supplement. Food source: high Vitamin K3 in cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, cereals, soybeans, and other vegetables.

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  • Specification
  • Vitamine K3-Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Specification

    Index Standard
    MSB98% MSB96% MSB50%
    Appearance White or similar-whiter crystalline powder
    Odor Slight Olid or slight pungent
    Content (Menadione Sodium Bisulfite – MSB) ≥98.0% ≥96.0% ≥50.0%
    Menadione ≥51.0% ≥50.0 % ≥26.0 %
    Water content ≤13.0 % ≤13.0 % ≤13.0 %
    Heavy metal(as Pb) ≤20ppm ≤20ppm ≤20ppm
    Arsenic ≤5ppm ≤5ppm ≤5ppm

    Vitamine K3-Menadione nicotinamide bisulfite Specification

    Index Standard
    MNB 96% MNB 50%
    Appearance White powder
    Water-solubility Slight water-soluble
    Content ( Menadione Nicotinamide Bisulfite-MNB) ≥96.0% ≥50.0%
    Menadione ≥44.94 % ≥22.7 %
    Niacinamide ≥31.0 % ≥16.0 %
    Water content ≤1.0 % ≤1.0 %
    Heavy metal(as Pb) ≤20ppm ≤20ppm
    Arsenic ≤5ppm ≤5ppm
  • Market and Price
  • As a professional supplier of Menadione Vitamin K3 supplier,we’re engaged in export and distribute Menadione nicotinamide bisulfite 96%, 50%; food feed grade Menadione Sodium Bisulfite 94%, 60-75% ,Menadione Sodium Bisulfite 51%.

    Price trend of Menadione (Vitamin K3)

    Price was increasing and stable now.

  • Benefit
  • MSDS, Halal, Kosher, Gluten free
  • Menadione (Vitamin K3) gluten free

    Menadione (Vitamin K3) is gluten free and widely used in gluten free food to provide a great dietary supplement that are essential for human health to processed food.

    Halal Certified Menadione (Vitamin K3)

    Menadione (Vitamin K3) is a fat-soluble vitamin, generally recognized as halal.

    Kosher Certified Menadione (Vitamin K3)

    Vitamin K3 is general recognized as Kosher classified as Parve.

    Menadione (Vitamin K3) MSDS

  • Side Effect
  • Side Effect of Menadione (Vitamin K3)

    Although Choline chloride generally regarded as a very safe and effective supplement, there can be some minor side effects. The side effects may:

    • Sweating
    • A fishy body odor
    • Gastrointestinal distress
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Burns
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Dehydration
    • Excessive sweating
    • Respiratory acidosis
  • Application and Uses
  • Application and Uses of Menadione (Vitamin K3)

    Choline chloride can be used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Choline chloride 70% Liquid and Choline Chloride 60% are used as a nutritional additive in chicken feed, dog and cat food, and human nutritional supplements.

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