Where to buy Potassium Citrate at better price with good quality?

Where to buy Potassium Citrate E332

Potassium Citrate E332 is a food additive commonly used as an ingredient in soft drinks. It is a white granular powder, or transparent crystals, and is odorless with a saline taste. It functions in food and beverage products is as a buffering agent, by providing body to artificially sweetened beverages, and stabilizing milk and soy products during heat treatment. In addition to soft drinks, it is used in fruit juices, candy, cheese, meat products, and pharmaceuticals. Potassium Citrate (or Tripotassium Citrate), CAS# 866-84-2, is a Potassium salt of Citric Acid, available as White, hygroscopic, granular powder or transparent crystals. Potassium Citrate, along with citric acid, Calcium citrate, Sodium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate is widely used as acidulants. It is widely accepted as safe food additive in many countries.
E332 Potassium Citrate CAS No. 866-84-2

As a Potassium Citrate E332 supplier,  we have been working in food additives industry for many years and we met some bad manufacturers, some high-pricing ones, some poor responsibility ones, some often delay delivery ones…You might meet everything if working with some Potassium Citrate E332 manufacturers. If you would like to buy from China Potassium Citrate you can buy from us. What we can do for our customers: ① we can directly call the manufacturers and communicate with them efficiency while you might have jet lag. ② free samples are available. ③we can have the purchasing advantage as our month purchasing quantity of Potassium Citrate E332 is large, we can average our buy cost and can offer our customer a lower and workable price. ④ we would advise customers which period is a good time to buy Potassium Citrate E332 and update the market situation. ⑤ we can help combine Potassium Citrate E332 with other food additives into a container and deliver to you.

We focus on the food acidulents field for years and we changed many unqualified manufacturers and spend much time on selecting good Potassium Citrate E332 manufacturers. We hope you could feel happy to work with us and we will prove our value in the cooperation.

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