What is Vitamin B1 Thiamine Hydrochloride? Thiamine Hydrochloride, is the one form of Vitamin B1. It is composed of a pyrimidine ring and a thiazole ring, it is a water-soluble vitamin that belongs to the vitamin B family and is one of the 13 essential vitamins that the body needs.We are
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What is Thiamine? Thiamine, also known as thiamin or vitamin B₁. Vitamin B1 is found in many foods including yeast, cereal grains, beans, nuts, and meat. It is often used in combination with other B vitamins, and found in many vitamin B complex products. Vitamin B complexes generally include vitamin B1
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21 May / 2018


What is Inositol? Inositol was called vitamin B8, but since our body is able to produce a certain amount of inositol by itself, it is no longer classified as vitamin B8. Inositol, commonly known as cyclohexanol, is widely found in a variety of natural animal, plant, and microbial tissues. As it was originally extracted
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