13 Apr / 2018

Pectin E440

What is Pectin E440? Pectin definition Pectin E440 is defined as a polymer containing galacturonic acid units (at least 65%). The acid groups commonly combines with methanol as a methyl ester, or combines with sodium, potassium, calcium or ammonium as salts, and amide groups may also be present in some pectins. Pectin
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9 Apr / 2018

Agar agar E406

What is Agar agar E406? Agar agar meaning: same as Agar, Agar agar E406 is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from red algae such as Gracilaria and Gelidiume from sea, used as gelling agent in food preparation. As one of the three most extensively applied algal hydrocolloids in the world, Agar agar
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Xanthan gum E415 Thickener, 80mesh and 200mesh | Food Additives & Ingredients Supplier - Newseed Chemical Co., Limited image 2
What is Xanthan gum E415? Xanthan gum E415 food additive is a widely used polysaccharide and can be used in food as an emulsifier, stabilizer, gel thickener, sizing agent, and film forming agent. It is a white light or yellow light powder. Xanthan gum E415 can be made from a range
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