China Aspartame Export Report: Aspartame Manufacturers, Price, Quantity

Aspartame price has increased a little since Oct, 2017 due to the decreased market Aspartame supply and one China Aspartame manufacturer exit the market in 2017. With the China government strict control in environment protection, the price of many food ingredients/additives are increasing or has increased since 2015. It also happens in Aspartame industry, raw materials supply is short and the price going up, as well as other artificial sweeteners products such as in Sodium Saccharin, Acesulfame Potassium, Sodium Cyclamate, Sucralose, Neotame.


China Aspartame price trend

Now there are three Aspartame manufactures in China after one manufacturer exit the market. The price of Aspartame seems stable. We’ll talk more about aspartame and the market in this article. Let’s briefly introduce other artificial sweeteners price: Sodium Saccharin, increased since 2015, rushed to more than USD10/kg in 2017, now the price goes down. Sucralose, the price was more or less USD80/kg in last year. Now the price of Acesulfame Potassium and Sodium Cyclamate are also increasing.


Aspartame use and application in market

Application Field

Market Percentage
Beverage industry 75
Table top sweeteners 8
Low-calorie confectionary 5
Dairy industry-functional food products 5
Others (Chewing gum, pharmaceuticals, fruit mixtures, diabetic products, functional food products)



Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that the sweet is more closely to sugar compared with other artificial sweeteners: Sodium Saccharin, Acesulfame Potassium, Sodium Cyclamate, Sucralose and Neotame. With the E number E951, it is used widely in global food and drink market. Aspartame used little in pharmaceutical market, we estimate less than 5% of its total consumption.

Aspartame is used widely in drink and beverage, it takes around 75% of its total consumption;

Aspartame takes around 8% in table top sweeteners. Table top sweeteners are package sweetener that you can choose to add in your food and beverage. There are many kinds of artificial sweetener table top sweeteners: only aspartame, only acesulfame K, aspartame together with Acesulfame K, only sucralose…

It takes around 5% in the low-calorie confectionery. Low-calorie confectionery is better for tooth health and weight control.

It takes around 5% in dairy products.

In the application of chewing gum, fruits, pharmaceuticals, aspartame takes around 7% of its total use quantity.

Aspartame benefits and its market trend

With the tendency of no sugar/no calorie products in the market, we think aspartame consumption will grow a little or keep stable although 1) Some controversy the aspartame side effects can cause cancer in mouse. 2) Artificial sweeteners might be replaced by stevia or monk fruits sweeteners in future.

As aspartame almost generate zero calorie compared with sugar. It provides same level sweet with sugar while do not influence the blood sugar, so it can also be taken by diabetes. Other benefits of aspartame also like protect tooth decay and control weight.

Aspartame global manufacturers analysis

the data of Ajinomoto, Hyetsweet and Daseang is from our estimation


Manufacturer Capacity
China manufacturers 18000
Ajinomoto, Japan 4000
Hyetsweet, France 2000
Daseang 1000


We estimate:

Global Aspartame production capacity: 25000MT

China’s manufacturers production capacity: 18000MT  Rate: 72%

Foreign manufacturers production capacity: 7000MT  Rate: 26%


China Aspartame Export Quantity and Price from Year 2012-2017(Jan-July)

  China Aspartame Export Quantity and Price in 2012


China Aspartame Export Quantity and Price in 2013


China Aspartame Export Quantity and Price in 2014


China Aspartame Export Quantity and Price in 2015


China Aspartame Export Quantity and Price in 2016


                 China Aspartame Export Quantity and Price in 2017 (Jan-July)


Factors influence China Aspartame Export Quantity

China Aspartame manufacturers export quantity in the year 2014 increased 1450MT compared with year 2013. USA aspartame manufacturer Nutrasweet decreased the production due to the fierce competition from ChinaAspartame manufacturers. So the China export quantity increased to replace some market of Nutrasweet. And in early 2015, Nutrasweet stopped the production.

You can see China AspartameAspartame export quantity in the year 2015 increased 1200MT compared with year 2014. We think this most part of 1200MT is for Nutrasweet market.

The quantity in year 2016 almost the same level with 2015. The Europe Commission established the aspartame anti-dumping case in early 2015 and the anti-dumping was confirmed in Feb, 2016 after the investigation although three China big aspartame manufacturers tried their best to let the official of European Union know that there should be no the anti-dumping…

Regularly, the buying quantity from Europe is around 2400-2500MT per year. Now the quantity decreases to around 800-900MT due to the anti-dumping. If the anti-dumping cancelled, China Aspartame export quantity would be around 17000MT annually.


Factors influence China Aspartame Manufacturers Export Price

With the oversupply maket situation, aspartame price goes down year by year, regardless, it is a bad for China Aspartame manufacturers, especially for the small factory. And one or two small and new factories closed due to the fierce competition.

With the anti-dumping confirmed, the competition is more fierce and the price went down down…

We reckon the main reason that leads to aspartame export price going down as follows:

  • The oversupply market situation made most Aspartame manufacturers/suppliers had to decreased the price to get the orders to keep the factory running.
  • The bank loan interest from 2013-2015 is at lowest and for the enterprice, it is easy to loan the money from the bank.
  • Hard to enter into Europe market since Feb, 2016, manufacturers/suppliers had to decrease the price for other market to keep the factory running.

Aspartame Price Forecast

There is no doubt that the price of aspartame will increase as below two main reasons:

  • Market supply: We estimate aspartame market supply will decrease around 4,000MT per year due to some Aspartame manufacturers decrease their production or some even exit the market.
  • Raw materials cost: almost the price of every raw material is increasing, like L-Aspartic acid and Acetic Anhydride.

Aspartame types distribution in the market

There are mainly 5 aspartame types in the market. Aspartame Powder, Aspartame Granular, Aspartame Fine Granular, Aspartame HDP, and Aspartame Super Fine powder. The market distribution as follows:

Aspartame type Sales percentage
Aspartame Powder 65
Aspartame Granular 10
Aspartame Fine Granular 10
Aspartame HDP 10
Aspartame Super Fine Powder 5



Where to Buy Aspartame and other Artificial Sweeteners

You can buy aspartame and other artificial sweeteners from us if you would like to. We, the people of NewSeed Chemical has be in the field of artificial sweeteners for around 20 years. We know the China market and manufacturers of Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, Sucralose, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium cyclamate and Neotame well. Our aspartame sales volume around 1, 500 – 2, 000 MT per year.

The way we do business:

— use manufacturer original packaging
— update current market status and collect market info from manufacturers/market then submit to customer to help customer sells more.
— price, payment, shipment, technical and other support
— take customers to visit the manufacturers
— not only sell, but help customers buy, act like your agent in China.

so on…

Our Philosophy:

We are mainly exporting products from China and we always choose our supplying partners very strictly and most of our suppliers are supplying for many multinational companies like Coca Cola, Unilever, Mondelez and so on. We usually choose the top 2 for one product.

For overseas markets, we have more than 60 partners (distributor) in 30 countries and we are looking for more to work together, our principle is to choose 1-2 partners (distributor) in 1 country, develop the local market together. We successfully helped some of them be the sole agent of the country for some of our suppliers…


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