Higenamine HCL Side Effects

Higenamine HCL is used as a nutritional supplement has been generally regarded to be safe. Though it’s considered safe, some are convinced it has potentially dangerous health effects.

What Is Higenamine HCL?

Higenamine is a chemical found in several plants including aconite, Annona squamosa, Nandina domestica (sacred bamboo), and others. Higenamine HCL is used as supplement for improving athletic performance. Also the use in weight loss, cough, asthma, heart failure, and erectile dysfunction.

Possible Side Effects of Higenamine HCL

Higenamine is one of the main chemicals in a plant called aconite. Aconite has been shown to cause serious heart-related side effects including arrhythmias and even death. These side effects from aconite ingestions may, in part, be caused by the higenamine chemical.

GRAS Affirmation: Yes

Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is an American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation that a chemical or substance added to food is considered safe by experts, and so is exempted from the usual Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive tolerance requirements. Higenamine HCL is considered safe by FDA.

Suggested Dosage


Special Populations Precaution

There is a lot of concern about diet and nutrition for these population, like Newborns, children, pregnant, sensitive to Higenamine HCL populations. Better consult to your doctor if you would like to intake Higenamine HCL.


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