Pectin Wholesale Price, Price Trend of Pectin

Price Trend of Pectin E440

To have a good knowledge of Pectin price trend, would help our distributor/agent/end user make the right decision to buy right now or wait for a moment.

HM pectins E440 are composed of more than 50% of esterified galacturonic acid units. We offer a broad range of different DE from 50% to 78%. HM pectins are standardised either to specific setting temperatures, viscosities, calcium reactivity, protein stabilising capacity or specific buffer capacity. More information about these pectin types can also be found in our detailed application brochures.

LM pectins E440 are composed of less than 50% of esterified galacturonic acid units. DE typically ranges from 30% to 48%. We offer a broad range of LM pectins with different calcium sensitivities. Gel formation of LM pectin occurs in the presence of calcium ions or similar cations within a wide range of pH values at soluble solids levels below 50%. Lower DE generally increases the calcium reactivity and less cations are needed for optimal gel formation.

Pectin price depends on the raw materials price, Pectin market supply and demand and other market items.

Recent Price Trend of Pectin, May 2017

Raw Materials price: Prices of raw material Citrus Peel and apple peel are stable.
Market demand and supply : demand and supply is stable. Production capacity of the Pectin manufacturers didn’t change much.
Market Forecast: Considering the current market trend, price of Pectin will be stable in the coming months.

To make customers well understand the current market and the following market trend, we always update the market situation, the supply & demand and price monthly.

*All price information is based on updated sourcing price of Pectin. We’ll make Pectin price trend chart for our valued customers soon.

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