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Product Description

CAS No. : 149-32-6
Chemical Formula : C4H10O4
H.S.code : 290549
E No. : E968

Erythritol powder, E968, Cas no.149-32-6, low calorie sweetener, a white slightly sweet crystalline powder manufacturing process from fermentation from sugar in corn. As a bulk sweetener, erythritol provides volume, texture and microbiological stability similar to sucrose. Erythritol is 60% – 70% as sweet as sucrose, soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol. It is used to sweeten a variety of foods and beverages, including frozen dairy desserts, yogurt, chewing gum, sauces, and hard candies. Unlike artificial sweeteners, Erythritol appears naturally in fruits such as pears, melons and grapes, as well as foods such as mushrooms and fermentation-derived foods such as wine, soy sauce and cheese. It is widely used in food manufacturing such as baking and roasting foods, cakes, dairy produce, chocolate, all kinds of candies, dessert, gum, soft drink,and ice-cream. As a professional Erythritol supplier, we distribute Erythritol powder FCC/USP/BP/EP feed, food and pharma grade.


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  • Specification
  • Erythritol powder/granular food grade Specification

    Description White crystalline powder
    Melting range 118-122℃
    PH 5.0-7.0
    Loss on drying, % ≤0.20
    Ash  % ≤0.01
    Heavy metals (Pb) mg/kg ≤5.0
    Assay (on dry basis, %) ≥99.0
    As, mg/kg ≤2.0
    Cont of bacteria, cfu/g ≤300
    Coliform Negative
  • Benefit
  • Market and Price
  • Price Trend of Erythritol

    Raw Materials price: Prices of raw material corn starch are stable.
    Market demand and supply : demand and supply is stable. Production capacity of the Erythritol manufacturers didn’t change much.
    Market Forecast: Considering the current market trend, price of Erythritol will be stable in the coming months.

  • MSDS, Halal, Kosher, Gluten free
  • Erythritol MSDS

    Kosher Certified Erythritol

    Erythritol is a sugar alcohol manufactured through fermentation. As a plant low calorie food sweetener, Erythritol is general recognized as Kosher classified as Parve.

    Halal Certified Erythritol

    Erythritol is a sugar alcohol manufactured through fermentation. As a plant derived ingredients, Erythritol and various other sugar alcohols (such as Xylitol, Mannitol and Maltitol) are general recognized as halal.

    Erythritol Gluten Free

    Erythritol is gluten free and widely used in gluten free food as an additive in candies, chocolates, yogurts, fillings, jellies, jams, beverages, and a sugar substitutes.
  • Side Effect
    • Side Effect of Erythritol

    • Although Erythritol generally regarded as a very safe and effective supplement, there can be some minor side effects. The side effects may:
      • Potential side effects of consuming more than 80 grams of erythritol per day include diarrhea, bloating and stomach upset, according to Some individuals may experience these side effects as well as headache when consuming erythritol in smaller amounts.

  • Application and Uses
    • Application and Uses of Erythritol

    • Erythritol used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Erythritol is used as a natural sweetener, erythritol is about 60 – 80% as sweet as sucrose (sugar). The application of Erythritol such as in candies, chewing gum, chocolates, yogurts, fillings, jellies, jams, beverages, and a sugar substitute.

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