Applications and Uses of Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose also called Corn syrup, is used in the candy and bakery industry as a sweetener. Liquid Glucose helps to maintain softness in foods such as bread, puddings, and cakes. It is also used in cold beverage production.

Liquid Glucose is made from high quality corn starch. It appears as a thick clear liquid. Its major uses in commercially-prepared foods are as a thickener, sweetener, and keeping foods moist. It is often used in candies, soft drinks, fruit drinks, etc.

Liquid Glucose is the purified concentrated aqueous solution of Nutritive Saccharides obtained from the partial hydrolysis of edible starch. This product has hygroscopic qualities with non-crystallizing nature that can help the finished products in soft condition and shelf life. It is often used in hard candies, jam, jelly, caramel, toffee, meat products, etc.


Liquid Glucose Syrup uses and applications:

  • In Confectionery: Glucose syrup made is an extremely popular product in confectionery business. It has an important place in the sweet manufacturing business. As a doctoring agent it prevents crystallisation and in various applications it is used as a necessary item up to an extent of forty percent. Since, Glucose syrup is a non-crystallising substance; it is commonly used in the production of homogenous confectionery like chocolates and chewing gums. Liquid glucose tesco ensures good preservative qualities, enhanced shelf life and smooth texture of the products.
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  • Other foods: Glucose syrup is used to prevent crystallisation of sugar in processed foods like canned fruit, jams and jellies. It helps in preserving food and saves food from getting spoiled and at the same does not increase the level of sweetness. Liquid glucose sainsburys plays a good role in enhancing the flavour of food preparation and masking excessive sweetness. Being easily digestible, it is an instant source of energy and a widely used item in the preparation of common syrups. In the baby foods and baby syrups too glucose is a favoured choice as it is a rich source of carbohydrates.
  • Bakery products: Glucose syrup has a wide usage in bakery products. It adds optimum sweetness, body and bulk to these foods and is a preferred choice in cream fillings and pie. Moreover, its quality of preventing crystallisation is helpful in enhancing shelf life, whereas, the hygroscopic and non-crystallising properties aid in keeping the food preparations fresh for longer time.
  • In Ice creams: Glucose syrup has a significant role to play in ice creams; it prevents crystallisation of Ice creams, adds a smooth texture and prevents it from getting melted soon. By preventing crystallisation of sucrose it offers a soft mouthful, creamy touch and a homogenous sweetness to the ice cream. Glucose syrup does not add any undesirable taste and liquid glucose substitute is excellent replacement for expensive non-fat milk solids too.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Glucose syrup is extensively used in vitamin-based tonics and cough syrups. It is also used in cough lozenges as a prime ingredient. In achieving balanced sweetness, consistency and good mouth feel Glucose syrup is used as a principal ingredient.
  • In tobacco: Apart from adding flavour, glucose syrup lends a smooth texture to tobacco. It enhances the shelf-life of chewing tobacco and aids in the dressing of cigarette tobacco as well.
  • In leather products: Glucose syrup adds fineness, glossiness and proper weightage in the finishing of leather. When used in tanning, it offers a lustrous look and provides pliability to finished leather.
  • Other uses: Glucose syrup helps in the fermentation and brewing industries and is used as a preservative in paan masalas. In adhesives it enhances stability and in cologne and perfumes it helps in evaporation control.

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