Applications and Uses of Vitamin Ad3

Vitamin Ad3 is used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Vitamin Ad3 is a mixture of vitamin A and vitamin D3, a nutritional supplement functions can promote growth, reproduction, bone calcification, healthy teeth, etc.; used in animal feed. Vitamin Ad3 is Yellowish to brownish micro-granulated product; easy to decompose under the condition of heat, sunshine or moisture, consequently concentration may be degraded.

Vitamin AD3 is an excellent liquidity and the size of the particles uniform ball shape encapsulation particles, which contains Vitamin A Vitamin D3 evenly distributed in the starch and carbohydrates in the gelatin capsule and to Ethoxyquin such as anti-oxidants, this particular encapsulation technique and antioxidants completely protected acetic acid ester of vitamin A and vitamin D3 stability. Vitamin AD3 per gram, about 110,000 particles, the majority of particles between the diameter of 150μm to425μm.nD3.

Content: VA≥500,000 IU/G(HPLC);VD3≥100,000 IU/G(HPLC);

VA≥1,000,000 IU/G(HPLC);VD3≥200,000 IU/G(HPLC)

Particle size: 97% through 30 mesh sieves

Solubility: Hot water insoluble

Vitamin AD3 uses as follows:


In Food

Vitamin Ad3 can be used as nutrition supplements in food production.

In Beverage

Vitamin Ad3 can be used as nutrition supplements in beverage.

In Pharmaceutical

Vitamin Ad3 can be used as Nutritional therapy in Pharmaceutical.

  • As Nutritional therapy: in treatment of vitamin Ad3 deficiency like Rickets, night blindness, tetany disease in children.

In Health and Personal care


In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Vitamin AD3 can be used in livestock and poultry drinking water during periods of reduced feed.

In Other Industries

Vitamin Ad3 is widely used as intermediate in various other industries.

  • As intermediate: in manufacturing of various organic chemicals.

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