Applications and Uses of Dicalcium Phosphate

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) is used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) is often used as a leavening agent, dough modifier, buffer, nutritional supplement, emulsifier, and stabilizer in flour, cake, pastry, and baked goods.

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) is used as food additive and supplement for calcium and phosphorous. Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) finds application in enriched grain products like flour, corn meal, breakfast cereals, and pastas.

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) uses as follows:

In Food Production

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(i) is used as nutritional supplement and buffering agent in food such as in biscuits, milk powder, drinks, ice cream, biscuit, breakfast cereals, infant formula, in noodles and baked food.

In Beverage

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) can be used in beverage.

In Pharmaceutical

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) is used as calcium supplement in Pharmaceutical, used as a tableting agent in some pharmaceutical preparations.

In Health and Personal care

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) used as fillers and dispersants, buffering agents, sequestrants and water softening agents in In cosmetic and personal care products. Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) used in toothpastes.

In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) is used as calcium supplement in Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. The application such as in dog food, pet food, cat food, cattle feed and veterinary use.

In Other Industries

Dicalcium Phosphate E341(ii) is used as texture stabilizer in various other industries.

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