Applications and Uses of Potassium Citrate

Potassium Citrate E332 can be used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Potassium Citrate E332 is used as a buffer, chelating agent, stabilizer, anti-oxidant, emulsifier and flavoring additive. Potassium Citrate E332 is used in dairy products, jellies, jam, meat and tinned pastry.

Potassium Citrate E332 is a white crystal or powder, that has no odor but a very salty taste. It is easily soluble in water.

Potassium Citrate E332 uses as follows:


In Food

Potassium Citrate E332 can be used as acidity regulator and preservative in food such as Fish products, sugars and syrups, salt substitutes, pasteurized dairy products, cheese, sherbet, processed vegetables, breakfast cereals, candies, pastas, processed rice products, soybean products, bakery products, processed meats, condiments and seasonings, soups

In Beverage

Potassium Citrate E332 can be used as acidity regulator, emusifier, and preservative in beverage such as in in hot beverages, dairy-based drinks, infant formulas, alcoholic beverages and water-based beverages, such as sports drinks and energy drinks.

In Pharmaceutical

Potassium Citrate E332 is used to treat urinary calculi (kidney stones). Potassium Citrateis also used as an alkanizing agent in the treatment of mild urinary tract infections such as cystitis.

In Health and Personal care

Potassium Citrate E332 can be used in baby products, make-up, lipstick, bath products, soaps and detergents, hair dyes and colors, and hair and skin care products in Cosmetics and personal care products.

In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Potassium Citrate E332 can be used in Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry feed.

In Other Industries

Potassium Citrate E332 can be used as cleansing agent in various other industries.

Potassium citrate E332 is an important eco-friendly detergent that has been used as replacement for Trisodium phosphate.

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