Applications and Uses of Textured Soy Protein

Textured Soy Protein is used as non-GMO protein. Textured Soy Protein provides good water absorption, excellent oil holding, and good fiber structure. Due to their unique textural properties, Textured soy proteins are particularly well used for protein fortification.

Textured Soy Protein (TSP) is a food product that is usually used in food, beverage, cosmetic and polutry industry.

The textured soy proteins are obtained by extrusion process from defatted soy meal white. For its moisturizing characteristics and water retention, a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of meat sausages, as an adjunct in reducing cost and improving texture, or lifting protein value and nutritional quality of the final product.

Textured soy protein is a healthy high quality protein source that contains all essential amino acids needed for growth. This high quality protein comes without fat and has no cholesterol and little or no saturated fat.

Textured Soy Protein uses as follows:

Textured Soy Protein

In Food

Soy ingredients are being used in food products by the food industry to enhance functional properties and to provide better nutrition. Textured Soy Protein is used widely in food, the application as follows: Meat products, Baked Goods,  salad dressings, soups, cheeses, nondairy creamer, frozen desserts, whipped topping, infant formulas, breads, pastas, Vegetarian and Analogs, Nutrition Bars, Cereals & Snacks.

In Beverage

Textured Soy Protein use in Beverage powders.

In Pharmaceutical


In Cosmetics

In cosmetics and personal care products, soy proteins and peptides may be used safely in body, hand, face and neck products, hair conditioners, hair dyes and colors, wave sets, shampoos, other hair care products, skin care products and mascara.

In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Textured Soy protein can also be used as a low cost/high nutrition extender in poultry products.

In Other Industries


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