Applications and Uses of Agar Agar

AgarAgar (Powder) E406 is commonly used as a texturizing agent, emulsifier, stabilizing agent, and thickener. Agar Agar (Powder) E406 used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. The application such as in pudding, ice cream, jelly, salad dressing, cheese, gelatin fruit dessert, vegetarian, and dry and canned soup. Agar can be the substitute of gelatin and is also considered as a natural source of vegetable origin dietary fiber.

Agar Agar E406 uses as follows:

Agar Agar

In Food

Agar agar E406 is used to gel many food products, such as puddings, desserts, jelly candy, soups, sauces, sugar pie filling gels, chocolate, meat products, yogurt, doughnuts, jam & marmalade, cream shells, piping gels, and pie fillings.

In Beverage

Agar Agar E406 is used as emusifier in beverage.

In Pharmaceutical

AGAR-AGAR E406 can clear the intestinal by removing noxious substances and lowering blood sugar. Also, AGAR-AGAR is widely used as a base of bacterium culture medium and microbe carrier in medicine.

In Health & Personal care products

Agr agar E406 is used as a gelling, thickener and stabilizer agent. Stable and inert, it forms reversible gels very useful for cosmetics formulations such as creams, emulsions, suspensions, dispersions, capsules, gels in Elaboration of cosmetic products, Deodorants, shampoos and Creams and lotions.

In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Agar Agar (1100, 1000, 900, 700) E406 is a milky or yellowish fine powder obtained from alga and is one of the most versatile seaweed gels. The gel strength of this product is approximately 1100G/CM2, 1000G/CM2, 900G/CM2, 700G/CM2, It is often used as an ingredient in desserts throughout Asia. This product is mainly used to make jellies, puddings and custards.

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