Applications and Uses of Choline Chloride

Choline chloride can be used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Choline chloride 70% Liquid and Choline Chloride 60% are used as a nutritional additive in chicken feed, dog and cat food, and human nutritional supplements.

Choline Chloride delivers essential nutrients and electrolytes and accelerates cell growth in early development stages. Choline Chloride is made up of white or deliquescent crystals and is one of the B categories of vitamins. It is also used as a nutrient or dietary supplement and in infant formulas for special medicinal purposes.

Choline Chloride uses as follows:


In Food Production


In Beverage


In Pharmaceutical

Choline Chloride can be used as active ingredient in Pharmaceutical may help decrease liver disease, high cholesterol, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and asthma and that choline has a general anti-inflammatory effect.

In Health and Personal care


In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Choline Chloride is used as nutritional supplement in Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry feed in poultry, pigs, chickens to accelerate growth.

In Other Industries

Choline Chloride is also used as a clay control additive in fluids used for hydraulic fracturing.

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