Applications and Uses of Konjac Gum

Konjac Gum E425(i) is used in the food and beverage industry as a thickening, stabilizing, gelling and bonding agent. Konjac Gum can be used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry.  Konjac Gum E425(i) is also used instead of Locust Bean Gum in a stabilizer and added to ice cream, cheese and other dairy products, it will stabilize their quality by preventing the development of ice crystals.

Konjac Gum E425(i) uses as follows:

Konjac Gum

In Food Production

Konjac Gum E425(i) can be used as thickener, texture stabilizer, emulsifier, and gelling agents in food such as inCandy, Jelly Breads, cakes, Noodles, Ice creams, Canned meat, sausage, dairy products:Fruit yoghurt, set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt,Toasted Sandwich, cheese, Puddings custard, flan, Ice cream, Mousses, frozen mousses, Non dairy creamers, Butter substitute,Whipping cream, Chocolate, Bakery products.

In Beverage

Konjac Gum E425(i) can be used as emulsifier in beverage such as Prepared soups, Fibre drinks, Soft drinks and Concentrates.

In Pharmaceutical

Konjac Gum E425(i) can be used as dietary fiber and gelling agent in Pharmaceutical. The use is not big.

In Health & Personal care products

Konjac Gum E425(i) can be used as texture stabilizer and emulsifier in Cosmetics products.

In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Konjac Gum E425(i) can be used as preservative for fruit and texture stabilizer in Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry.

In Other Industries

Konjac Gum E425(i) is used as thickening agent: in paper, printing, rubber, ceramics and photographic film to improve viscosity; in drilling mud to improve viscosity. Konjac Gum is used as gelling agent: in cosmetic to retain water.

Konjac Gum(20000cps, 25000cps) is derived from the konjac plant and appears as an odorless, white or light yellow fine powder. It has a viscosity of approximately 25000mPa.s. Konjac Gum 20000cps, 25000cps is often used as a vegan substitute for gelatin, and is used in various popular Asian fruit jelly snacks. It has almost no taste and is valued more for its consistency.

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DAIRY Usage levels Application
Fruit yoghurt, set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt 0.25 -0.4% resistant to adicidity, fermentation and compatible with pasteurisation and sterilisation, mouthfeel, moisture enhancer
Acidified creams, cheese 0.2% resistant to adicidity, fermentation and compatible with pasteurisation and sterilisation, texture
Toasted Sandwich cheese 0.4-0.6 % Avoids overmelting effect, preserves neat aspect Resists temperature fluctuations
Puddings custard, flan 0.25 -0.4% Moisturiser, stability, syneresis control
Ice cream CR 0.015%+ KGM 0.15 – 0.35% protection against meltdown, creaminess
Mousses, frozen mousses 0.2 -0.4% Emulsion, foam stabiliser, freeze thaw stability
Non dairy creamers 0.33 – 0.66 Controls phase separation and syneresis, , provides mouthfeel (creaminess), extends shelf life (stability).
Butter substitute, 10% (MCC+ KGM) Low fat products, mouthfeel, reduces chalkiness
Whipping cream 0.25 -0.4% Foam stabiliser, freeze thaw stability
BAKERY/PASTRY Usage levels Application
Dough conditioners Reduces tackiness, enhances pliability
Bakery products DF supplement, improves sponges’s freshness, freeze thaw stability
Pie fillings Water activity/ retains moisture, prevents bleeding, prolongs shelf-life
Shortening 1.5 – 2% educes calories and fat (-75%), maintains mouthfeel substitute shortening replacer and bite, reduces sogginess vs other colloids
Icing Gel, texture, shine, protection against syneresis
Piping jelly, toppings 0.25 -0.4% Texture, water stability, shine, increases flexibility/hardness
Coatings, glazes 0.25 -0.4% Low solids glazes, reduces tackiness, enhances shine, extends shelf life
Water barrier KGM 0.15% (with carragenan + xanthan + sorbitol) Very low use tasteless film barrier against migrating water in sandwiches imparting soginess and influencing shelf life
Noodles, pasta 1% Water holding capacity, temperature stability, DF, low protein, low starch, reduces starch solubilisation (loss)
Biscuit filling 5-10% (with MCC) Fat:oil reduction, controlled water activity, creamy mouthfeel
Batters 0.5%
CONFECTIONARY Usage levels Application
Sweets, gummies 0.1% Texture improver, moisture enhancer partial substitution of gelatine (heat stability)
Jelly 0.9% gel strength, texture improver (versatile elasticity)
Meringues 0.25 -0.4% Foaming agent, stabilizer
Chocolate 2.5% Heat resistance to 50 degrees C, 95% chocolate + 5% KGM based mix
DRESSINGS Usage levels Application
Mayonnaise 0.3-0.6 % Thickener (low gel strength agars)
LF Salad dressing MCC + KGM Fat (oil) substitute
Ketchup 0.15 – 0.5% Thickener
Sauces, gravies Emulsion stability, thickener, viscosity adjustment
DRINKS Usage levels Application
Prepared soups 0.2 – 0.5% Texture, suspension, Dietary Fibre
Fibre drinks 3-5% Texture, DF (low dp KGM)
Soft drinks 0.15-0.5% Texture, suspension, foam structure, Dietary Fibre
Concentrates 0.5-1% Maintains colour, regulates freeze point, aroma support, texturises
FRUIT Usage levels Application
Fruit Gelatin fruit desserts, WDG 0.95% – 1% KGM + gellan Gel low syneresis, transparency, Dietary fibre, resistance to sterilisation in Mitsumane type reformed fruit chunks
WDG 0.5- 0.95% Gel, low syneresis, transparency, Dietary fibre
Sherbets Texture, protection against meltdown
Jam 0.5- 1% Flavour release, gelling agent
SPREADS Usage levels Application
Low calorie marmalade, jam 0.2-0.5% thickener
Fruit spreads 0.2-0.5% Thickener
Honey spreads 0.2-0.5% Thickener
Cheese spread 0.5-0.6% Thickener, stiffer slices, processability, moisture control
PROCESSED MEAT PRODUCTS Usage levels Application
Injection, tumbling 0.2-0.5% KGM + 0.2-0.6% CARA Moisture enhancer, water stability, fat replacer – texture ( DF, low protein)
Pet-food meat analogue 0.75-1.5% KGM + 0.5-1% CARA Water stability in association with other gums or alone, resistant to retorting, shear resistant fat replacer and texturiser
Sausage meat products, burgers KGM 1.5%, AGAR 0.4%, Xanthan 0.6% Juice, gravy holder, shape holding, sticky texture, whipping
Surimi 0.2 – 0.4% KMG 0.3% KGM + 0.8 CARRA KGM Processing aid, elasticity, resistance to breakage
OTHER PRODUCTS Usage levels Application
Formed foods DeacKGM,



Gel structure, gel set control, adhesion of layers, extrusion and processing aid, matrix viscosity control,
Reformed foods for frying 1.5% deacKGM+ wheat flour, xan. + starch, curdlan… Cohesion and high temperature cohesion of different aqueous and oily pastes and chunks
Frozen foods 0.05-0.3% Crystal growth control, reduces moisture loss, reduces freezer burn, controls syneresis, reduces thaw separation, controls freezing point

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