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What is Menadione? Menadione, also known as Vitamin K3, is a synthetic version of Vitamin K. Commonly in the form of Menadione Sodium Bisulfate (MSB) and Menadione Nicotinamide Bisulfite (MNB) used widely as feed additives in animal and poultry such as in dog and cat food. Vitamin K3 or Menadione is a
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24 Apr / 2018

Konjac gum E425

What is Konjac gum E425? Konjac gum E425 is also called konjac glucomannan or konjac flour. It is a natural odorless soluble fiber that is found in the konjac plant. Konjac gum is used widely as a food additive in food: As thickeners and stabilizers: it can be used in jelly, jam, juice,
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16 Apr / 2018

Gellan Gum E418

What is Gellan Gum E418? Gellan gum E418 is a kind of microbial extra cellular polysaccharide. It is functioned as a thickening, gelling agent and stabilizing agent. Gellan gum has been used in the food, medicine(e.g. soft or hard capsule), cosmetic, chemical industry, etc. Gellan gum has two types: low acyl Gellan
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13 Apr / 2018

Pectin E440

What is Pectin? Pectin is used as a gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer in jams, jellies, dessert fillings, fruit juices and milk drinks and other food products. In europe, it is approved as a food additive with the E number E440. It is manufactured by aqueous extraction of the appropriate edible plant materials,
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9 Apr / 2018

Agar agar E406

What is Agar agar E406? Agar agar meaning: same as Agar, Agar agar E406 is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from red algae such as Gracilaria and Gelidiume from sea, used as gelling agent in food preparation. As one of the three most extensively applied algal hydrocolloids in the world, Agar agar
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Xanthan gum E415 Thickener, 80mesh and 200mesh | Food Additives & Ingredients Supplier - Newseed Chemical Co., Limited image 2
What is Xanthan gum E415? Xanthan gum E415 food additive is a widely used polysaccharide and can be used in food as an emulsifier, stabilizer, gel thickener, sizing agent, and film forming agent. It is a white light or yellow light powder. Xanthan gum E415 can be made from a range
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Carrageenan E407: Kappa, Iota and Lambda Carrageenan | Food Additives & Ingredients Supplier - Newseed Chemical Co., Limited image 1
What is Carrageenan E407? Carrageenan E407 is a family of linear sulfated polysaccharide present in certain species of red seaweed. Carrageenan E407 is made up of repeating units of sulfated D-galactoseand 3,6-anhydro-D-galactose. Carrageenan E407 is a thickener made from seaweed used as gelling agent, stabilizer and thickener. There are three types of
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Monk fruit sweetener: Mogroside sweetener, Mogroside V | Food Additives & Ingredients Supplier - Newseed Chemical Co., Limited image 2
What is Monk fruit sweetener? Monk fruit sweetener is also called monk fruit extract. It is the extract of the Luo Han Guo/Monk fruit. Mogroside V is the main sweetener component. Other extract components include: mogroside II, mogroside III, mogroside IV, mogroside VI, flavonoids, melanoidins, protein fragments and so on. To
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What is Stevioside and Rebaudioside A Stevioside and Rebaudioside A are all stevia compound. Other stevia compounds are like Rebaudioside B, Rebaudioside C, Rebaudioside D, Rebaudioside F, Dulcoside A, Rubusoside and Steviolbioside which are also present in stevia. What is stevioside? Stevioside is a Stevio glycoside derived from the stevia plant, which can be used as a sweetener. Stevioside
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9 Mar / 2018

Glucosyl stevia

Glucosyl stevia | Food Additives & Ingredients Supplier - Newseed Chemical Co., Limited image 1
What is Glucosyl stevia? Glucosyl Stevia is a stevia-based flavors and flavor modifiers for use in food and beverage products.  It is also called Glucosyl Steviosides, Enzymatically Modified Stevia Glucosyl Stevia or Enzymatically Modified Stevia. Glucosyl Stevia is made by the selective introduction of Glucosyl into Steviol glycosides molecule with the biological enzyme technology, which
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3 Mar / 2018

Sodium benzoate E211

What is Sodium benzoate E211? Sodium benzoate E211 is used as food preservative with an E number of E211. Sodium Benzoate E211 is a food grade preservative generally regarded as safe (GRAS) worldwide. It is the sodium salt of benzoic acid E210 and synthesized by reacting sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid. Sodium benzoate E211 has effective antimicrobial action against yeasts, molds,
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24 Feb / 2018

Potassium sorbate E202

What is Potassium sorbate E202? Potassium sorbate E202 is the potassium salt of sorbic acid, chemical formula CH3CH=CH−CH=CH−CO2K, a white crystalline powder or granular or pellets. Potassium sorbate is a FDA approved preservative used in food to extend the shelf life of food, it is also effective in other uses such as in wine and
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21 Feb / 2018

Epsilon Poly L Lysine

What is Epsilon Poly L Lysine? Epsilon Poly L Lysine (ε-Polylysine) is a natural food preservative and high-efficiency antimicrobial agent manufactured from a fermentation process using Streptomyces albulus under aerobic conditions. Epsilon poly l lysine (ε-Polylysine) is widely used as food preservative. It can inhibit the growth of Gram-positive and Gram-negative
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19 Feb / 2018

Natamycin E235

What is Natamycin E235 Natamycin E235 (Pimaricin) is a natural antifungal preservative manufactured by a pure culture of Streptomyces spp. Streptomyces Natalensis, following a strictly controlled fermentation process. Natamycin E235 (Pimaricin) is a natural preservative, also called pimaricin, mainly used as a natural mould and yeast inhibitor. As a food additive, it has E
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15 Feb / 2018

Nisin E234

Nisin E234 | Food Additives & Ingredients Supplier - Newseed Chemical Co., Limited image 3
What is Nisin E234? Nisin E234 is a polycyclic antibacterial peptide produced by streptococcus lactis. Nisin, also known as Streptococcus lactic (strep lactis) peptide, is a natural biological activity of antimicrobial peptides used as a natural food preservative E234. It is a natural preservative E234 and has a strong inhibitory effect on many
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