Isomalt Side Effects

Isomalt E953 is a sugar substitute, a type of sugar alcohol, used primarily for its sugar-like physical properties. It has only a small impact on blood sugar levels and does not promote tooth decay, i.e. is tooth-friendly. Though Isomalt E953 is considered safe, some are convinced it has potentially dangerous health effects.

What Is Isomalt E953?

Isomalt (Palatinitol) E953 is a natural and safe sugar replacer. Thanks to the benefits it provides natural taste, low calories, low hygroscopicity and tooth friendly. Isomalt suits all kinds of people, especially those people who are not able to eat sugar. It’s advantages will make it more important in the development of sugar free products. Isomalt shows its advantage as sweet purity, without the badness after taste, bringing the reaction with the strong sweet acidifier and conceals its bad after taste and has low moisture absorption. Isomalt can be applied in many foods, such as candy, chocolate, gum, confiture, corn breakfast food, baking food, daubing food, table sugar, low-fat milk, ice-cream and cool drinks.

Possible Side Effects of Isomalt E953

Isomalt E953 is generally considered a safe ingredient. If you are sensitive to sugar polyols, the side effect not only diarrhea, but also abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence when eating even very small amounts of isomalt E953.

GRAS Affirmation: Yes

Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is an American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation that a chemical or substance added to food is considered safe by experts, and so is exempted from the usual Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive tolerance requirements. Isomalt E953 is considered safe by FDA.

Suggested Dosage


Special Populations Precaution

There is a lot of concern about diet and nutrition for these population, like Newborns, children, pregnant, sensitive to Isomalt populations. Better consult to your doctor if you would like to intake Isomalt.




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